Schumer made almost $100,000 from book

June 13, 2008 8:18:04 AM PDT
Newly released documents show New York Sen. Charles Schumer made almost $100,000 in royalties last year from his book, "Positively American." The senator's financial disclosure forms made public Friday show he received $94,000 from Rodale Publishing for the book, a tome intended to guide Democrats to greater electoral success by connecting with middle-class voters.

Schumer spokesman Josh Vlasto says that after expenses and taxes, Schumer actually made about $50,000 from the book, which went to pay for his daughter's college tuition.

Schumer is paid a Senate salary of $165,200. His wife, Iris Weinshall, a former New York City transportation commissioner, reported making slightly more than $200,000 working for the city and City University last year.