Witness names Tyson in murder plot

June 13, 2008 5:05:48 PM PDT
A government witness has claimed that Mike Tyson put up $50,000 for a proposed "hit" on gang members suspected of killing his bodyguard in 2000. The allegation was made Thursday by Dwayne Meyers, a former member of the Brooklyn-based Cash Money Brothers gang. He was testifying at the trial of Abubakr Raheem, who's accused of driving a getaway car after turf-war killings.

Meyers claimed the former heavyweight champ put up the money to retaliate for the June 2000 slaying of his close friend and former bodyguard, Darryl "Homicide" Baum. The alleged contract was never carried out.

Tyson's attorney was traveling Friday and could not immediately be reached for comment.