Water running low in Connecticut town

June 13, 2008 11:29:52 AM PDT
There's a water emergency in the small town of Sprague. One of the three wells that provides water to approximate 3,000 residents is operating below capacity, pumping only 6 gallons-per-minute instead of 75.

First Selectman Catherine Osten said daily use for the town is between 65,000 and 75,000 gallons, but the wells were producing only 45,000 gallons on Thursday. The difference is being made up by water in the town's storage tank.

"That means within nine days our tank will be empty," Osten told the Norwich Bulletin on Thursday.

The town has two other wells, but needs permits to be approved before they can operate. Also, Osten said it will take about two weeks to receive parts needed to hook up the wells.

If the town runs out of water, tanker trucks will bring in a supply.

Meanwhile, the town is under an official water emergency and residents are being told to conserve as officials try to fix the problem. The town shut off all fire hydrants hooked up to the town's water supply and is relying on water from the Shetucket River in case of a fire.

The town's water problems began with a 2004 water main break that ultimately damaged the system's infrastructure.