Congo, the dog euthanized after attack

June 18, 2008 10:49:18 AM PDT
Congo the German shepherd attacked again -- this time a member of his owners' family. As a result, the local couple who fought a successful high-profile campaign to spare their beloved Congo from a death sentence after he mauled a landscaper on their property last year had Congo and three of their other dogs euthanized Wednesday morning after the dogs attacked a relative visiting their home Tuesday. In the latest incident, Congo was one of four dogs that attacked 75-year-old Constance Ladd, the mother of one of the dogs' owners.

Ladd had puncture wounds and lacerations to the top of her head, chest and right forearm and injured her hip when she fell to the ground as the dogs pounced on her, The attack occurred when Ladd walked out her daughter's Stuart Road West house into the yard?. Patrolman Chris King was the first responder on the scene and administered first aid before the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad rushed Ladd, who lives in Branchburg, to the University Medical Center at Princeton hospital.

Although police said it wasn't immediately clear what sparked the attack or which of the dogs owned by Guy James and his wife Elizabeth actually bit Ladd. The other three dogs involved in Tuesday's attack and euthanized were Lucia, Hunter and Bear, all German shepherds, according to police.