Squabble ends Lodi's Little League season

June 19, 2008 8:04:55 PM PDT
Little leaguers in Lodi will not play in their championship game after coaches squabble.League President Bob Chiodo canceled the series after he says coaches almost came to blows following the first game.

The Alex and Hayes team protested Tuesday's game, accusing Hose Company 2 of violating the rules by using a pitcher who threw more than 80 pitches in a recent game. Hose Company won the game 12 - 2.

However, Chiodo reportedly said that because this game was a championship game, not a regular season game and a gentlemen's agreement, it was okay for the child to pitch.

Players sat in protest on Wednesday night.

Chiodo says he'd rather cancel the series than have coaches set a bad example for players.

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