Feeling the pain of the economy, literally

June 20, 2008 7:52:33 PM PDT
The struggling economy is having an effect on people's health.Joseph Lau has a stressful job. He works for a finance company in Manhattan and has lots of demanding clients contributing to his high anxiety. Joseph is worried about the worsening economy.

"Have less...those kinds of things"

In fact, lots of people are stressing over money.

"It is something...more expensive."

Others are already in debt.

"We are losing our house...can't pay"

Now, a new poll by the Associated Press shows between 10 and 15 million Americans are literally feeling the pain of the rising cost of living, suffering health problems, including serious illnesses like depression and even heart attacks.

"When your body...colds"

Dr. Ronald Stram says in these tough times, good health depends on stress management.

In addition to exercise and mind-calming techniques like yoga, he suggests deep breathing exercises that can lower blood pressure.

"Typically it takes...four times"

Also try to squeeze a 20 minute walk into your workday, and calm your nerves with music. Put together a soothing iPod playlist.

"Put song in...second note"

Joseph took that advice, and he says it's helping to lower his blood pressure and deal with the demands of his job.