Arrest made in deadly road rage

June 21, 2008 9:15:23 PM PDT
What should have been a simple fender bender took a violent and deadly turn early Saturday morning -- about 5:15. Police have made one arrest and are looking for a second suspect in connection with a deadly case of road rage.

Antoine Lewis has been charged with second degree murder.

The accident was so minor, it's hard to spot any damage to the car on Morris Park Avenue and White Plains Road.

But investigators say that, somehow, the dispute that followed and led to murder 25-year-old Adolfo Carlos Gonzalez, a passenger in the car. He was shot in the chest and killed.

"Who has an accident and comes out shooting?" victim's neighbor Lillian Harrington said. "Come on, accident's an accident? murder is murder!"

Neighbors and relatives of the young man they called Carlos simply couldn't believe that he left his house for work at a trucking company this morning, but never returned.

Police say the shooter was in a car, which was abandoned only a few blocks from the accident.

That the suspects came back on foot to shoot Carlos and then allegedly hailed a cab to escape, police said.

Police recovered a gun from the cab several hours later.

Carlos' mother and friends were telling Eyewitness News that he was a hard-working young man - not a troublemaker.

"Good guy. He does the grass for everybody. He cleans for everybody. He's a nice guy. He does for everybody," a neighbor said. "He did not deserve what he got!"

Their real question is why.

"We need to talk because people cannot be angry for a simple car accident," the victim's mother Maria Gonzalez said. "Things, you can repair. But a life or people, you can never repair."