Five arrested in Brooklyn drug raid

June 25, 2008 5:02:56 PM PDT
Five people were arrested, and one remains at large, after authorities busted a Bay Ridge, Brooklyn alleged drug den that was a blight on the neighborhood. Authorities say the drug den, operated out of two adjacent houses on 93rd Street, was busted by police on Friday.

Five people were arrested, and one remains at large. "These poison peddlers turned a quiet, residential block into a crime-filled drug den where families in the neighborhood were afraid to walk with their children," said District Attorney Hynes. "I'd like to thank Commissioner Kelly and the NYPD for their outstanding work in helping us bring these criminals to justice." Commissioner Kelly said, "These indictments today helped crush more than drug dealing, because when trafficking prospers, violence and other crimes are sure to follow. I want to commend District Attorney Hynes and his prosecutors along with our Narcotics Division detectives for a job well done."

Five defendants, Joseph Terrone, 54; Michael Terrone, 47; Ross Terrone, 45; Erica Raffone, 31; and Alan Reilly, 61, have been arrested and indicted. The indictments were unsealed yesterday, when all five were arraigned in Kings County Supreme Court. The Terrone brothers and Raffone were remanded, and Reilly was held in lieu of $50,000 bail. One defendant remains at large.

Outraged neighbors say the brothers who owned the home had been allegedly dealing drugs from the house for several years, and it was the sight of frequent fights.

They witnessed numerous people coming and going and frequent fights at night.

They hope the arrests will help drop drug sales, which have been on the rise in the neighborhood.

The NYPD set up a mobile command center on 93rd Street.