53,000 pounds of stolen chicken located

June 25, 2008 5:04:35 PM PDT
Delaware State Police say the two tractor trailers loaded with chicken donated for needy families that were reported stolen from Newark (Del.) have been found in New Jersey. Police say the vehicles were found at an undisclosed location in Jersey City, N.J. about 3 a.m. Wednesday after authorities received a tip from a caller who had seen a national news broadcast about the theft.

Jersey City police had the trucks brought to an impound lot, and there's some hope that the food was not spoiled.

One of the refrigeration units in one of the trucks is still running, however the unit in the other tuck is not.

"One is running and hopefully that will be fine. The door was sealed so that should help (the other truck)," said Joseph Zazzarino with the Jersey City Incinerator Authority.

State police say surveillance video shows the thefts occurred Saturday evening at the Food Bank on Dawson Drive. The trailers carried a total of 53,000 pounds of chicken.

One load was to go to the City Harvest Food Bank in New York City, while the other was to be used in Delaware.

The chicken was valued at $20,000, and the tractors are worth nearly $40,000.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News New Jersey reporter Toni Yates