Gas wars in New Jersey

June 27, 2008 4:08:12 PM PDT
How far would you to drive to save some cash and get cheap gas? How about if you could save almost a dollar a gallon?

You might want to check out one intersection in Midland Park, New Jersey.

It's an all out gas war on Goffle road in Midland Park between competing gas stations. Its causing long lines which creates traffic jams, says the Chief of Police. However, drivers don't seem to mind the chaos or the competition.

"I fiugred it would be worse later on so you gotta get it done. Gotta get gas cheap where ever you can," said Manny Cepero.

"Right by where I live its $4.05 a gallon. I don't know how they do it its like 40-cents cheaper over here," says Colleen Peelech.

The cheapest regular gas right now is $3.68 a gallon at Power gas.

The national average is $4.06 a gallon. When Eyewitness News spoke to Cepero, he had been waiting in this for 20-minutes for the big savings

"It's worth it you figure a car like this I'm saving $12," adds Cepero.

According to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, websites gas stations can legally change their prices every twenty four hours. One gas station attendant tells Eyewitness News that his prices are the lowest because today he's only accepting cash.

"We are saving $$ from credit card companies and diverting it to the customers and just helping customers," says Ravandeer Singh.

And since Power Gas is only taking cash, the competition is only taking credit hoping to score with the drivers who didn't bring cash.


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