Seen on Saturday morning: June 28th

June 28, 2008 6:30:20 PM PDT

When you're just not feeling well and want to go to a doctor, sometimes it's hard to explain exactly what's wrong and that could lead to a misdiagnosis.

Joining us this morning with some tips for helping your doctor help you is Dr. Benjamin Natelson, author of "Your symptoms are real: What to do when your doctor says nothing is wrong."

What is the biggest challenge a patient faces when going to a doctor with an unknown illness?
Sometimes the symptoms are so vague that the patients have a hard time explaining to the doctor what the problem is. It's like going to a mechanic and your car just won't make that funny noise when the mechanic is in the car. In my book I talk about the best way to effectively communicate to your doctor, for example? 1-know your doctor sometimes zones out during your exam and make sure they're paying attention to you. 2-work with a doctor that will listen to your complaints... don't go to someone that you feel is pushing you out of the door 3-make sure to include some sort of exercise in your daily routine

What is an example of a condition or disease that women in particular face that is difficult to get diagnosed - that's hard to describe your symptoms to your doctor?
Fibromyalgia -- a disease that predominately impacts women and causes widespread pain throughout the body

What is so challenging for women about explaining their symptoms in the case of a disease like Fibromyalgia?
There have been a few recent media stories on Fibromyalgia that have questioned whether the disease was real, which could deter some women from seeking treatment. However, the vast majority of the medical community understands that the pain women feel in their muscles, ligaments and tendons is all too real and requires treatment.

What kind of exercise and diet regimen is best for women to follow to help them overcome the pain of Fibromyalgia?
Doctor Natelson can describe the latest dietary, medicinal, and gentle physical conditioning programs to help relieve the pain. In my book I lay out an exercise program to gentle stretch the muscles such as walking or swimming 30 minutes every other day minimum.

Is there a prescription drug available to help women with the pain?
In just the past couple of years the FDA did approve a medication to help relief the pain of Fibromyalgia. Lyrica is FDA approved and Cymbalta is in the works for approval.

What are your final words of advice to women in our audience watching today that are in pain think they might have this disease?
Listen to your body. If the pain is preventing you from leading a normal life, see your doctor and of course read my book to learn about how to better communicate with your doctor.


Hosting a party while keeping the costs down -- joining us this morning with some party budget tips is the party goddess, Marley Majcher.


* According to a March 2008 National Association of Catering Executives (NACE -, 41% of caterers and event planners reported an increase in cancellations of catered affairs other than weddings.
* (Same survey) 48% (of caterers and event planners) reported that they were seeing declines in event spending.
* (Same survey) 62% reported that customers are purchasing less expensive meals and avoiding luxury items.
* (Same survey) 52% reported clients booking events on Fridays and Sundays to avoid premium pricing.

So how do you still have fun planning your next event without breaking the bank?

1. Think multi-purpose - make every aspect of your event work double time.
2. Create edible centerpieces (individual sweets on a pedestal in the middle of each table double as décor and dessert).
3. Use chalkboard paint on wooden napkin rings or pots to do double duty as place cards.
4. Invest in some cylindrical vases to use for flowers, as buffet risers, to hold décor and other party necessities.
5. Create an inspiration board for your party to collect and organize thoughts as well as build tons of excitement.

So think dual purpose and your event will be thrifty and rock star fabulous in no time flat!

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