Get photographed like a celebrity

June 30, 2008 4:47:58 PM PDT
It's a new approach to having your picture taken, one that's sort of candid and certainly not posed. The photographer staked out Joe Fletcher and Jill Okawa at the Pinkberry in Soho, at the flower shop and as they walk down the street. They aren't celebrities and Izaz Rony isn't a paparrazo, though his photos do look like the kind you'd see in the tabloids.

"The idea is to capture some of what I do walking around in the street ," said Rony.

Unlike the paparrazi who celebrities often try to avoid, Izaz is hired by people to follow them. Joe and Jill are recently engaged and didn't want to have to pose for photos.

For some of the shots they asked their friend Missy to join. Izaz will end up taking several hundred photos, most of the time staying out of the way, but that long lens garners plenty of attention from others on the street.

The cost is about 500 dollars an hour. Izaz lets you keep the best of the images to do what you want with them.

Izaz calls his style of paparazzi photos MethodIzaz. People are even hiring him for weddings.

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STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg