June 30, 2008 11:37:56 AM PDT
CALLOUT Seventeen year old Kelly Mccann is going on a trip that will take her half way around the world...a humanitarian mission to help the children from a poor village in Namibia, Africa. name: 0955 number: we'll be working on : for them : ... At: 0:00 to: 0:00 duration:0:10] Kelly and 21 teens from across the country will serve as youth ambassadors for the united nations association of the united states of America...a non-profit that aims to get young people involved in global issues. Kelly will work with children living in HIV and aids-affected communities. It will be a life- changing experience. (a53808 Kelly at computer..then go to various computer shot of kids) [take sot name: cg= number: 1053 : it will really : iam at: 0:00 to: 0:00 duration:0:08] the little neck teen raised 8 thousand dollars for her mission..getting lots of support from her classmates at Townsend Harris high school (show Kelly then go to medals at 152408..then bracelets at 153902) : everyone was : family and friends Kelly will spend six weeks in a remote village.... Far from the comforts of home...not to mention her parents and her younger sister. (152929 pan or show her with family in kitchen then go to pic of family at 152522 ) her moms says her daughter is up for the challenge ..but still... : as far as her going : off and going : this is just a trip for me