Zero odds at New Jersey lottery games?

June 30, 2008 7:52:40 PM PDT
There's a problem with some scratch-off lottery games in New Jersey. Many scratch-off games offer the promise of instant wealth, including the "$1,000,000 Explosion" game. And if you think it's a longshot to win, you're actually wrong. The odds of winning a million bucks are zero, because all the big prizes have already been given away.

All six $1 million prizes were given away months ago, yet the game is still on sale for three more weeks.

In fact, 14 of New Jersey's 79 instant games, from Crossword to Sapphire Blues, have given away their top-tier prizes.

In Delaware and Pennsylvania, when big prizes are exhausted, officials stop selling the game. But not in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Lottery issued a statement indicating it urges players to visit the lottery's Web site for prize information.

The statement said, "We make this information prominent and refresh it regularly, so players can make their choices based upon the most complete and current game information available."

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