New stuff for a perfect picnic

July 8, 2008 1:05:58 PM PDT
July is National Picnic Month. Seems appropriate, but before you venture out to the park of your choice, there are some new picnic items that will remove the hassle and make eating outside much more fun.Tanya Steel of showed us some tricks for a smooth picnic.

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First, wheel your way to your spot. A new cart stores food and opens up into to a table and chairs.

"You can actually get six people around it for 60 bucks," said Steel.

Don't need a table at your picnic? Check out the Square Picnic Mat by Ascot. The blanket is waterproof on one side and ultra-suede on the other.

There are a couple of ways to carry your goods. One way is a woven willow basket that is very "Out of Africa-ish."

"It's got an elegant look to it," she said.

Plates and utensils snap into place. There is a lot of room to carry your food.

Too lazy to buy or make food, buy a fully-loaded back pack instead. It comes pre-packed with plates, utensils, glasses, as well as high-end cheeses, sausages, pates, crackers, and chocolates. There's even a spot for your wine and it comes with a corkscrew.

Always dreamed of ice cream on a picnic, but afraid it would melt? Check out the Prepara Ice Cream Cold Keeper. It keeps ice cream for up to two hours.

Where there are sweets and food, there are often bugs. So come prepared with either wipes or a spray. There are organic varieties available.

Finally, when it's time to clean up use your own Sea to Summit Trash Dry Sack. It's a reusable sack that seals in liquids and odors. The lining can be disposed of once you get home.

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STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg