Seen on Sunday morning: July 6th

July 6, 2008 7:50:50 AM PDT

Summer desserts made easy.

Joining us this morning with some "Tricks of the Trade" for preparing crowd- pleasing desserts is Sara Leibowitz of Kitchen Couture in Brooklyn.

I. Impress the Kids:
Kids can be your toughest critics, these will help you make creative, kid-friendly treats in no time:

Roscho "Create and Celebrate" Pull-Apart Cupcake Silicone Baking Pan
$15 - A super-easy way to bake a fun, kid-friendly shaped cake that is sure to please.
- Easy to use: Simply bake individual cupcakes and then form together into an impressive looking cake. Decorate with icing, sprinkles etc.
- Comes in a variety of great shapes including butterfly, alligator, turtle, etc.
- Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, recipes included

Cuispro Sailboat Pop Mold
- Create fun treats with easy to use, summer-perfect, sailboat shaped molds
- Comes with recipe booklet for ice cream, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, fruit juice pops, etc.
- Makes six sailboat pops
- Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

II. Wow the Adults:

Nordic Ware Platinum Series Lattice & Hearts Pie Top Cutter
- Look like you spent hours creating a homemade pie crust
- Reversible pie cutter makes beautiful, ornate pie crusts with ease
- Nonstick, dishwasher safe

Cuisinart Mix-it-In Soft Serve 1 1/2 quart ice cream maker
Ice cream is a summer party staple. Make delicious, home-made soft serve ice cream with ease with this new item:
- Makes professional-quality soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, and sherbert in no time.
- Simple to use: Pour in the ingredients and turn the dial. No chemicals, salt, or ice required.
- Double-insulated freezer bowl holds cold temperatures and makes it possible to produce up to 1-1/2 quarts of ice cream in just 20 minutes.
- Three built-in condiment dispensers allow for adding sprinkles, chocolate chips, cut up fruit and other favorites, mixing them right in to frozen desserts as cones and bowls get filled.
- Unique pull handle sends ice cream swirling out like an authentic soft-serve machine.
- Includes a cone holder that holds a stack of pointed or flat-bottom cones, a drip tray, nonskid feet, and removable parts for easy cleaning.

New Time Saving Gadget for Bakers:

Beater Blade by New Metro Design
$25-$40 (depending on the model)
If you enjoy baking from scratch, this brand new gadget will help you do so in half the time:
- Efficient and sturdy attachment blade can be used with KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Viking and DeLonghi stand mixers
- Designed with a flexible plastic edge, like a windshield wiper blade, to swipe the inside of the bowl as you mix, eliminating the need to stop the beating and scrape the bowl.
- Brand new to market and in high-demand: Fully mixes and blends ingredients in half the time.

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As you're gearing up for your family's summer vacation, why not travel comfortably?

Joining us this morning with some of the latest travel items is Stan Steinreich of the Specialty Sleep Association.

Travel Pillow by Magniflex
This brand new travel pillow by high-end Italian mattress designer, Magniflex provides a luxurious, customized feel as it's made with Memoform, a high-performance material that contours to your head and neck when weight is first applied to it.
The removable, washable cover is made with COOLMAX fabric, featuring a unique technology that keeps the surface cool and the sleeper dry and comfortable (even on a warm, stuffy plane!).

Dream Travel pillow by Natura World
The Dream Travel pillow by Natura World is made of all-natural materials and designed with a granulated latex core that feels like feathers and down. A pioneer in eco-bedding, Natura World was the first to use granulated (pieces) of latex, which is a natural, renewable material.
Other features include:
* Mimics the cuddly feel of feathers and down
* Granulated NaturLatex? core
* Unbleached, 100% cotton cover; non removable
* Easy to pack & lightweight to carry
* Naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
* Machine washable

Summer Weight All-Natural Comforter $150
* Designed for year-round comfort, this comforter is the perfect size and weight for summer travel
* Filled with SmartWool?, it is excellent for maintaining a fresh and dry micro-climate that is ideal for both warm and cool temperatures
* The wool controls temperature and moisture build up
* The wool is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and flame retardant
* Soft, unbleached 100% cotton percale cover is quilted to the fill to eliminate shifting or clumping of the wool
* Available at

Butterfly Pillow by Hollandia
$15 Hollandia's Butterfly Pillow retails at only $15 and is a stylish alternative to some of the traditional pillows out there. It's compact size and innovative shape lets you use this comfortable piece just about anywhere. Plus the two side handles allow you to position it easily and tote it anywhere!
Other features include:
* Available in over 200 colors and fabrics
* Compact size is and versatile design is ideal for travel
* Made using eco-friendly practices
* Eases neck and back tension/pain
* Machine washable

Magniflex Comfort Pillow
This personal-sized, ergonomic pillow was researched by a team of specialty technicians in order to guarantee correct support for the neck and head. The pillow's unique Airyform design ensures breathable support and comfort for the head and neck. Easy to pack and perfect for hotel use as well.

* Cervical Support
* Ergonomic
* Hypoallergenic cover in Coolmax® fabric
* Removable, washable cover
* Breathable Airyform design

Hollandia Kangaroo Blanket
$150 at
Retailing at $150, the Kangaroo blanket is made from Hollandia's exclusive material that contains Aloe Vera for extra softness (perfect for a plane ride, where skin tends to dry out). Featuring deep pockets, the Kangaroo can store your iPod, magazine or cell phone and keep them handy throughout the trip. Take it anywhere - from the car to the hotel to the beach. The Kangaroo is a perfect summer travel accessory.

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-----SUMMER TOYS-----

Keep the kids entertained all summer long.

Joining us this morning with some toys for your kids whether on vacation, inside the house or in the backyard, is toy expert Elizabeth Werner.

Lose yourself and become a Pokemon...
In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness, you don't train Pokémon, you become one. You experience an epic journey as a Pokémon and are able to communicate directly with other Pokémon in the game. If you ever encounter trouble in a dungeon and need to be rescued, you can send out a message to your friends via PC or cell phone. Since all of the dungeons are randomly generated, there is a great amount of replay value for kids. ($34.99) Rated E for Everyone

Distract your kids for a little quiet "me" time...
Nintendo DS is the perfect travel companion and keeps your kids occupied and entertained whether you're on the road or in the air. Nintendo DS features an easy to use touch screen and an earphone jack for quiet listening and is fun for children and parents alike. Nintendo makes games for everyone, so parents can spend some of their own downtime with their favorite games on the DS. ($129.99)

Revisit that retro Rubik's Cube...
Rubik's Revolution?, the first electronic follow up to the Rubik's Cube, features voice, lights and sound effects. This is great for kids and adults alike and tests both speed and smarts with six built-in games that have multiple levels to unlock. Rubik's Revolution? offers exciting multi-player gaming the whole family will love, whether they are at home, in the backyard, on the playground, or in the car driving to the family vacation. You can have the recently named, "Game of the Year," for only $19.99 at major retailers nationwide. Ages 5-105 and

Play Hopscotch, with a twist...
Now you can play Twister Hopscotch indoors year-round! The first-ever game combination allows two children to simultaneously play a round of hopscotch, with the added fun and silliness of the Twister game. A fully customizable layout of non-slip colored rings allow for games in places like hallways, living rooms or backyard patios. Throw the dots down, spin the wheel for the next step and start moving. One moment a player is jumping to a red spot, and the next they are singing while hopping with Twister Hopscotch, which will be available this coming fall at a suggested retail price of 19.99. Ages 4-6

Keep your kids interested by connecting play time to reading...
Creative Designs International has developed an entire line of role-play and dress-up items and accessories based on Fancy Nancy, the New York Times bestselling children's book series. The Fancy Nancy line is a great way to link play time to reading and keep kids interested in books during the summer while they're away from school. They'll have more fun reading the Fancy Nancy books if they can then transform themselves into the characters. CDI's new line helps them do just that - stupendously (as Fancy Nancy would say). Prices start as low as $9.99. Ages 3+

Discover the new an improved little dolls of your childhood...
This summer, Polly? Pocket is stepping out with a fresh new look and a new way to play fashion that girls will love. These Pop 'N Swap dolls have different heads, torsos and bottoms so girls can design hundreds of different style combinations by mixing-and-matching. Moms are going to love this because Polly Pocket Pop 'N Swap has great play value at a great price point. This one is only $19.99 and girls can create over 400 different looks. Ages 4+

See how UNO is not your boring card game anymore...
This summer, America's favorite card game, is re-invented with the introduction of UNO Flash, the new fast and feverish way to play UNO. In this fast-paced, unpredictable version of UNO, all the rules go out the window - there is no sequencing and no taking turns - it's all random and it's all in a hurry! The electronic game board with flashing lights keeps players on their toes and ready to react. UNO FLASH? is available this summer at all major retails for retails for $29.99. Ages 7+

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