Belmar beach house problems

Seven On Your Side
July 7, 2008 6:42:39 PM PDT
It was a shore house debacle that left a New Jersey teacher out thousands. She was out so much money she even had to get a second job. It was time for Seven on your Side to save her summer. "I liked this house I thought... It was close to the beach, It was a good location," said Alexis Sous.

And what a deal. just a block off the beach in Belmar. A shore cottage, just $11,000 for the whole summer.

Sous adds, "He said he was gonna get it done the week Memorial Day and that we'd be ablel to move in Memorial Day weekend."

That meant gettting the house cleaned up and inspected by the town. But that never happened. Just last week Seven on your Side found broken beds, and a kitchen disaster.

"I was going to live down here. I had a job down here. I was gonna be on the beach a lot. I was gonna have a great tan and my plans were just ruined," said Sous.

Seven on your Side found the owner's brother working on an adjacent house.

Tappy Phillips: "It's not fair to this woman for her to pay $11,000 and not get a place."
Kevin Sozek owns Alexis' rental. His brother Greg owns the ones next to it. Greg said the town's inspector has it in for them.

"They make up things why they're not going to pass because they don't like us," he said.
Tappy: "They don't like you?"
Greg: "So they make up, so they make up thing."

The town inspector said that Alexis' landlord never even asked for an inspection.

"We never got an application for an inspection on that property," said Pat McMahon of the Belmar Code Enforcement.
Tappy: So you didn't deny an inspection.
Pat McMahon: "No, No"

And as it turns out, Kevin recently spent 5 days in a county jail for renting out an uninspected cottage. his brother said kevin just got out of rehab.

Gregory: "He was in , uh, went to a recovery center and he got out a couple of days ago."
Tappy: I'm happy for him. That's good.

Gregory: "And he was on his way down to do this."

Tappy: You know. I'm hearing a lot of excuse and I don't see what's so hard about getting a house fixed up by the beginning of the summer, even if he has to ask you to help him or he has to hire somebody else to do it. I'm sorry that he has an abuse problem, but that's not this woman's problem.

After our persistence, the landlord's mother finally wrote Alexis a check for the full amount. Whenever you're renting, it's always a good idea to check with the town to make sure the house has passed inspection and there are no outstanding violations.

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