Getting rid of the frizz

July 9, 2008 8:22:55 AM PDT
Every woman wants beautiful, straight hair even in the middle of the summer, but there's one problem. When moisture enters the hair cuticle, it swells, becomes uneven and opens up the cuticle. It's called frizz.

The bane of many women's existence, it's the thing they dream of eliminating. We sought some advice from the folks at Patrick Melville Salon.

Start with good old drug store products. The first step -- a hydrating shampoo and conditioner such as Garnier Fructis. This brand also has avocado oil, which adds moisture to hair and seals it. Think of it as a tall drink of water for your locks.

Styling products such as Matrix Biolage are a good next step.

"You want to look for a serum with silicone," said Victoria Kirby of Allure Magazine.

Matrix Vavoom wax-gel combo will smooth the cuticle and protect against Frizz. The old standby Frizz-Ease has been updated with UV protection and heat guard.

"The more damaged your hair is, the more roughed up the cuticle is, so the frizz looks worse," Patrick Melville said.

Patrick takes it up a notch with salon products. He has a virtual arsenal from Sebastian Professional to fight frizz. Before blowing drying hair, he essentially sprays on a barrier of protection against the heat. The spray also resists moisture.

"Not only does it close the cuticle down, but locks in shine and hair becomes very high shine," he said.

Another option is a new chemical straightening system (availble at Patrick Melville Salon) is not as extreme as the Japanese and Brazilian methods. It's better for your hair and takes about three hours compared to more than six with others in the past.

"She'll be good through the whole summer, at least until September, with no frizz," Rick Wellman.

Two more tips: Patrick says make sure you get your hair trimmed regularly. Keeping the ends in shape will help fight frizz. Also check your styling tools. Use a 2 blend brush, a boars bristle and nylon brush. If you blow dry and then use that, it will help polish your hair.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson