Man arrested in tanning salon heist

July 14, 2008 3:45:41 PM PDT
Police have arrested a man who they say harassed his victim for a year before robbing her over the weekend. Police said the 21-year-old man ran in and out of the back door with 300 dollars cash before finally being arrested.

Detectives said he robbed a young employee at knifepoint. Investigators said he had been threatening the employee for a year.

Steven Orsogna is charged with attempted robbery. On the surface, his target was a corporate tanning salon in Seaford called Beach Bum. There's more to it, say police.

"He was someone who was in the neighborhood passing himself off as a big time thug," Detective Lt. Lorna Atmore said.

They say the suspect walked around Seaford looking for someone to prey on, someone who had access to money who could easily be threatened into giving up a business owners cash.

"I guess he knew he could intimidate her. That's how victims are often chosen," Atmore said.

The victim, police say, is also 21. They say Orsogna harassed her for about a year until late Saturday night when he followed through on his threats, telling her to help him stage a robbery or else.

"He had told her what his plan was and said if she didn't cooperate, he would harm her or her family," Atmore explained.

Police said the man went in the backdoor at Beach Bum with a knife and left with about 300 dollars cash as planned. Unexpectedly to him, the victim hit the panic button, ultimately resulting in his arrest.

Police arrested Orsogna in Howard Beach, where he lives. They say the girl knew his name. Management at Beach Bum declined to comment.

STORY BY: Eyewitness Reporter Emily Smith