Strong Kids at your local YMCA

July 21, 2008 8:09:46 PM PDT
A new program at YMCAs throughout New York City aims to get children healthy and strong by getting them up and going. They can swim, play basketball or do more structured events at their neighborhood Y. And hopefully, they'll develop healthy workout habits along the way.At the YMCA in Chelsea, the kids are getting issued their very own gym cards. It is a workout pass towards good health. And they can't wait to become members.

"I wanna go swimming cause I love swimming,"

"They let kids have a nice privilege and have their own little card,"

It's called the Strong Kids Card, and it entitles them to a year's free membership at their local YMCA within New York City.

Children can hit the pool or play basketball and volleyball on the indoor courts, while older kids can also work out on the gym equipment.

"I can use the gym, play basketball, volleyball, any sport, really fun and for free even better."

"I think it's really cool cause I can come here and play basketball and things like that"

"We'll have games for the kids in the gym. We'll teach them how to make healthy choices regarding eating and nutrition"

Right now, the cards are being given out to children already connected to the YMCA through summer camps, swimming lessons or after-school programs.

Soon, all New York City kids will be eligible.

"We want to give children an opportunity to participate at the YMCA in a safe, fun environment that will put them on a path toward good health."

Most branches offer between six to 12 hours of "Y" time a week, plus weekends. And last but not least, children can go on their own, without mom and dad.

The Y will host family events on a regular basis. Children who have a Strong Kids Card can bring moms, dads and grandparents to the Y as their special guests.

For more information on the cards, CLICK HERE.