McCain returns to CA for fundraisers

July 23, 2008 5:03:42 PM PDT
California is playing its usual role in presidential politics - campaign ATM. John McCain will be back in the state Monday for fundraisers in Bakersfield and San Francisco.

Supporters are being asked to write checks for $2,300 to see the Arizona Republican.

In San Francisco, people under 35 years old get a break, with tickets going for $1,000-a-head. McCain is asking wealthy donors at that event to give as much as $100,000, with the funds divided among his campaign and Republican Party committees. Couples who donate $10,000 can get a photograph with the candidate.

Presidential candidates have raised more than $112 million in California - more than any other state.

McCain is trailing Democrat Barack Obama in campaign funds.

Obama raised nearly $5 million in Los Angeles last month.