Man who saw doll head on car arrested

July 28, 2008 7:04:35 AM PDT
A man who complained that the head of a black doll was hung on an unmarked police car's antenna in the historically black Harlem neighborhood has been arrested on unrelated charges.An attorney for the man said the arrest was a case of retaliation. Police say the officers who arrested Clarence Jones were unaware of his connection to the complaint about the doll's head.

They say Jones was arrested early Sunday on resisting arrest and other charges. They say he drove off in his car as two patrol officers attempted to issue him a summons for parking in front of a bus stop.

Police were reportedly writing the summons for the traffic violation when Jones offered to move the car. Officers, in keeping with departmental practice, said they'd already begun writing the summons and they'd have to issue it.

Authorities say that in violation of a police directive, the man proceeded to move the car. Police followed him and subsequently stopped him, at which point they say Jones begins acting in a boisterous manner. Police say he pulled out a cellphone to record the incident.

Jones later seemed to comply with police requests, according to officials, then stopped complying. When police began to handcuff him, they say he resisted.

Jones reported seeing the unmarked police car driven by two white officers in Harlem Tuesday. Police say the officers did not know the head was on the antenna.