Vacationing family hunts for stolen dog

July 31, 2008 8:58:22 PM PDT
The Kent family from Arizona is walking the streets of New Jersey, searching for their missing dog. "She's kind of the center of our family. We all love her so much. We can't believe she's gone," Harry Kent said.

Four-year old Cleo was stolen from the Kent family car on Tuesday evening. Thieves punched out the door lock to get her.

The kents, who are on their summer vacation, were taking an elderly relative out to dinner at Outback steakhouse in Rochelle Park when they left their Bichon Frisee in the car.

Rochelle Park police say there have been more than a dozen break-ins in the parking lot in the last several months.

In the past, the thieves have stolen GPS devices and laptop computers, but in this case, they took Cleo, a purebred dog worth over a thousand dollars.

The Kents say they parked their car in the shade with the windows cracked open and left food and water for Cleo inside.

"We had food and water in there. We're from Arizona. We know when it's too hot for a dog," Andy Kent said.

Andy and his son have been walking around Maywood after a girl said she thought she spotted Cleo.

They brought a bag of bacon - Cleo's favorite - and a stack of missing dog posters they've hung all over the area.

"If someone needs a dog so badly that they need to steal one, tell us where our dog is and we'll get them a dog," Andy said.

The Rochelle Park police are also involved, calling animal shelters and vets offices.

The Kent family goes home to Arizona on Sunday with or without their beloved Cleo.

If you know where their dog might be, please contact Rochelle Park police at 201-843-1515.

STORY BY: Jen Maxfield


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