Lifeguards rescue man in New Jersey

August 1, 2008 3:09:27 PM PDT
Coming off a deadly weekend at area beaches in which seven people were killed, two other swimmers were reminded on Friday of just how dangerous it can be in the water.Lifeguards were busy at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey when two swimmers took on the tides.

Rip currents were apparently responsible for pulling the two men out into the ocean near Seaside Park. One was able to make it back under his own power, while the other had to be rescued. It has been a particularly dangerous summer, with 10 deaths being blamed on rip currents throughout the region. Beachgoers are aware of the danger lurking in the water.

"We're here all week with our grandchildren, and we did tell them, you know, about rip currents," beachgoer Ed Rose said. "You gotta be careful and don't go too far out, don't fight the current and go with it."

The rip currents have been caused by the early season tropical storms and southern ocean currents. The problem has been especially deadly from Cape May, along the Jersey shore, up to Sandy Hook and all the way out to the eastern tip of Long Island. Warnings have been posted along area beaches and swimmers are warned, when in doubt, don't go out.

"It's really crucial important to stay in front of the lifeguards," beachgoer Lori Peterson said.

There were seven drowning victims just last week in New York City and Long Island. Rip currents are fast moving belts of water running from the beach out into the ocean. They form in low spots or breaks in sandbars and near piers and jetties. Lifeguards pay especially close attention to those areas.

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