Seen on Sunday morning: August 3rd

August 3, 2008 7:55:06 AM PDT
Segments seen on Eyewitness News Sunday morning.Looking to make room for a baby, or give a gift to a loved one?

On Eyewitness News Sunday morning with some of the hottest items for your new addition was baby trend expert Peter Roberge, store manager of the Albee Baby Carriage Company. Baby Trends
Teutonia strollers
t 100 chasis standard 4 wheel $299.99
t 200 chasis 3 wheeler $399.99
t 300 chasis reversible handle elite model $499.99
t bassinette brown floral $99.99
t stroller seat burnt seina $99.99
t reversible insert $39.99
hand muff $79.99
diaper changing bag brown floral $49.99
teutonia tario infant car seat $189.99
crib oeuf classic crib white and birch made of recovered wood fibers it is environmentally friendly $890.00
modern crib bedding sets 4 pc set includes bumperpad, sheet , dust ruffle and coverlet green tiles by jj cole $159.99
crib mattress coco matt organic mattress by naturalmatt imported from great britain made of coconut husk and natural lambs wool w/ organic cotton covering $425.00
sage creek organics layette; 1 each in pink and in blue
newborn gown $29.99
footie $31.99
rec blanket $31.99
onesie $24.99
hat $15.99
Natures purest organic layette by summer infant products
stretchie $24.99
3 pack onesie $27.99
burp cloth set $12.99
rec. blanket $27.99
6pc gift set $49.99 incl. Footie, hat, bib,scratch mitts, onesie booties
some of today's hot items
skip hop bottle drying rack available in 3 fashion colors: white, blue, red $27.99
Dr. Brown bpa-free nursing bottles 8oz 3 pk $16.99
mam by sassy bpa-free bottles 8oz 3 pk $14.99
born free bpa-free bottles 8oz 3pk $26.99
bebe au lait nursing covers $34.99
twilight turtle nite lite $29.99
Shines stars on ceiling for peaceful slumber Fashion diaper bags
petunia pickle bottom idealic istambul glazed shoulder bag $169.99
matching clutch $66.99
fleurville lexie tote constructed w/ very environmentally friendly materials $159.99
skip hop duo style in blue camo. Also a great dad bag $49.99
Amy Michele Azelea baby bag black back pack $129.99
go gaga slider diaper bag cayenne and grey unique should strap for comfort $94.99
For more on these baby trends, go to
Albee Baby
715 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025

Pest Control
JP McHale Pest Management is located in Buchanan, NY.

Enjoying your summer inside or out without worrying about annoying bugs.
Joining us this morning with bug prevention tips was Jim Mchale, President of JP McHale Pest Management.

Travel Savings
Lavish vacations or taking any vacation at all is proving to be almost impossible this summer. But that's no reason to cancel time away.

Joining us on Eyewitness News this morning with some money- saving travel tips was Colleen Clark, Editor of

Airlines nickel and dime you for everything now - checking bags, food - how can you keep some money in your wallet after flying?
We suggest flying into a major airport hub like Dallas-Fort Worth or Minneapolis. People are often surprised that you can have a great long weekend in destinations like these. You'll save money if you can avoid taking a connecting flight, or flying into a lesser-used airport. Dallas is a food-lovers paradise with lots of great barbecue in the surrounding area, and it's an American Airlines hub. Minneapolis is a beautiful, outdoorsy destination for hikers, canoers and climbers, and a Northwest Airlines hub. - Use multiple sources. You might think that Orbitz, Expedia, Sidestep and Kayak all have the same fares, but they don't. You should search each one.
Does it matter when you want to travel?
Hotels often slash prices by 50 percent or more for weeknight stays, especially in big ticket destinations like Vegas and Miami. The Luxor in Vegas for example, goes from $139 per night on weekends to $70 during the week. It's never the wrong time of year for some destinations. Think a ski destination is only fun in winter? Wrong. You can have a blast hiking, dining out and taking in the scenery in Breckenridge, Colorado or Whistler Blackcomb in Canada for half the price in Summer or Fall. Plus, it's far less crowded. The "shoulder season" for local beaches is in September. It's the same great weather (even a little better), but half the price and half the crowds if you're looking to rent a beach house or a hotel room on the Jersey Shore or Hamptons.
How do the most seasoned travelers save money on their hotels?
B&Bs, smaller hotels and even renting an apartment can be great money-saving options. The biggest hotels often charge the biggest prices, and offer the least as far as local character. Fell in love with a fancy hotel? Book a cheaper option with a 24-hour cancellation policy and then work on the pricey place. One or two days before you're due to arrive, call the expensive hotel, ask to talk to the manager and tell her you'd love to stay there but you need a discount. If she has empty rooms, she may offer you a major bargain just cancel your other room. Package deals can be a great value if you're not specific about where you want to go. Book the time off in advance and just see what's on sale the week before. Be sure to check the fine print though.
Many New Yorkers don't own cars. How can we save on that car rental to take us out of town?
Decline the insurance - It is very likely that your own auto insurance or even your credit card offers insurance on rental cars. Watch those Hidden Fees - Daily rate sound too good to be true? Call and inquire about hidden fees like a "vehicle license fee" and an "arena fee" which can nearly double the rate. Ask about discounts, AAA, AARP and lots of other organizations are frequent recipients of rental car discounts. If you're a member, just ask the agent when you make your car reservation.
Dining out can really blow your vacation budget. How can travelers save on food?
Consider renting a room with a kitchenette and cooking your own breakfast and dinner. The room may cost slightly more, but there's a good chance that the $30 or $40 per day that you're saving will more than offset that extra cost. If you're dying to try the hottest restaurant in your destination, make a reservation for lunch. Lots of times, the food is the same but at half the price. Talk to the locals. They know the best cheap eats in their town. Don't ask the concierge for his finest recommendation, ask him where he goes for his own meals, or better yet ask the guy selling newspapers on the corner.

Cooking with Isabellas
A staple on the Upper West Side. Isabella's has been pleasing families for 20 years. On Eyewitness News, Sunday morning with some of the restaurant's favorite recipes was Osabella's Executive Chef, John Lictro.
Hay & Straw Linguine
Serves One
1.5 oz Egg Linguine
1.5 oz Spinach Linguine
6 oz Diced Chicken
1 oz Mushrooms
.5 oz Sun dried Tomato
1 oz Arugula
Mixed Herbs (Parsley, Thyme, Oregano)
¼ teaspoon of Garlic
.25 oz Butter
2 oz Chicken Stock
½ oz Cream
.5 oz Vegetable oil
2 oz Parmesan Cheese
1 oz White Cooking Wine
Heat oil in Sauté Pan over Medium Heat; Add Chicken and sear all sides of the chicken
Add Garlic and Sauté to light brown, Add mushrooms, Sun dried Tomato and Mixed Herbs
De glaze the pan with White whine and reduce by Half, add Chicken Stock and reduce
Boil the pasta in Salted Water when done toss in sauté pan add butter, Cream and Parmesan Cheese
Toss in arugula Plate and serve
Carpaccio of Beef, with Arugula and Shaved Parmesan Cheese
1.5 oz Filet Mignon
1 oz Shaved Parmesan Cheese
2oz Baby Arugula
.25 oz Lemon Infused Olive Oil
.25 oz Capers
1 Roma Tomato
1. Thinly Pound the Filet under Plastic Wrap to fit an 8inch Round Plate
2. Toss Baby Arugula with Course Sea Salt, Lemon Olive Oil
3. Place Salad in the center of the Carppaccio, top with Shaved Parmesan Cheese, Sprinkle with Sea Salt ,Drizzle More Oil around and Garnish with Capers
4. Serve with Grilled Crostinis