Rockefeller waives extradition

Reported first by Eyewitness News on
August 4, 2008 12:16:49 PM PDT
Clark Rockefeller, shackled at the legs and wearing a Lacoste shirt, khaki pants and loafers, waived his right to extradition this morning during a brief court appearance in a Baltimore court. He spoke three words during the minute-long proceeding, saying only: "That is correct," when Judge Nathan Braverman asked him if he wanted to waive his extradition right.

Rockefeller, who wore a pair of thick, black-rimmed glasses in court, appeared in Eastside District Court wearing the preppy clothes he is known for - khaki pants, loafers and a blue Izod shirt. His legs and hands were shackled and he was accompanied by a Baltimore detective.

"He looks like Woody Allen," prosecutor Patricia Deros, chief attorney for the Eastside District Court office, said after the court proceeding.

Rockefeller is being held at central booking in Baltimore until Boston police pick him up and transfer him to Massachusetts.

Massachusetts authorities have until Aug. 15 to transfer Rockefeller to Massachusetts, where he is charged with felony parental kidnapping, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (a motor vehicle) and assault and battery.

Boston police spokesman Eddy Crispin said this morning that it is too early to know when Rockefeller will return to Massachusetts.

One Boston police officer is already in Baltimore, awaiting the arrival of another officer to transport Rockefeller back to the Bay State.


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