New clues about Rockefeller's identity

August 6, 2008 4:01:00 PM PDT
He calls himself Clark Rockefeller, but who is he? There are new leads in a case that is taking on a horrifying new dimension.

Since his arrest, Rockefeller has looked dazed and confused. He has insisted to prosecutors that he simply cannot remember anything about his former life.

Stephen Hrones, Rockefeller's attorney, told Good Morning America this morning that he doesn't remember his past.

It's a startling claim that is suspiciously convenient, because Rockefeller's fingerprints tell a different story.

Detectives say they match those of Christopher Chichester -- a young man who vanished 23 years ago. Around the same time, his landlord and his wife also disappeared.

The landlord's body was found in 1994 on the Southern California estate where Chichester was a tenant.

Contractors digging an in-ground pool found the body. The woman's body has never been found.

In photographs, experts say Rockefeller certainly looks like an older Christopher Chichester. He was a suspect in the murder case. Police in California have called Rockefeller a "person of interest."

Rockefeller married Sandra Boss in 1995, but prosecutors say she later learned that he never applied for a marriage license and divorced him just last year. Boss was later given full custody of their little girl.

Rockefeller's attorney said his client has nothing more to say to anybody.

STORY BY: N.J. Burkett


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