Suspect wounded after police shooting

August 7, 2008 8:45:38 PM PDT
An investigation is underway into a police-involved shooting. The shooting happened at Clarkson Avenue and East 55th Street in Brooklyn.

Police blocked off such a large area most neighbors couldn't get home or even see the dozens of officers at work.

Here's how police say it went down.

A lieutenant and other officers came across a silver Ford Mustang.

They punched in the license plate and the car came back as stolen.

The officers then followed the car until they surrounded it on four side.

Police jumped out of their vehicles demanded the driver to come out with his hands up.

But, they say, he refused and then ramped the car several times until he could finally get away.

The vehicle hit the lieutenant, who fired his weapon possibly by accident. The driver was struck by the bullet.

One passenger took off running while another passenger was trapped inside.

"The officer was chasing one guy down 56th. They caught him down the block, so I came down here where everything was going on," Joyce Haynes said.

Police caught the others after the banged up silver Mustang ended up pressed against the Remsen Beauty Salon at Lenox Road and Remsen Avenue.

"I heard what I thought was a car accident. I went back into the house. I hadn't realized it was anything remotely this serious," Aldean Beaumont said.

Community advocate Anthony Herbert left a peace rally because of the news.

He says it's been a tough week in Brooklyn.

"It's just getting ridiculous, all these guns. We just need to get rid of them," he said.

The condition of the wounded suspect was not released.

No names have been released.

STORY BY: Carolina Leid


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