Man rescued after subway grate fall

August 8, 2008 3:07:22 PM PDT
Most people say they always fear the grates could cave. Today's incident is a reminder they not only can, but do. Fire officials believe the grate was loose from wear and tear and it just gave way.

Home video seen first on Eyewitness News at noon shows New York EMTs going into a ten foot hole in the sidewalk to rescue a man in his 20s who fell when a subway grate gave way.

Barnarda Santana says a little voice in her head always warns her to stay away, but she hoped it was just paranoia.

"I won't walk on top of them. I avoid them," Barnarda Santana.

EMTs rushed to Marcy and Vernon Avenue at 9:00 this morning to go underground and bring the man to safety.

The rescuers say he was lying on his left side on top of the grate.

"It could've been a lot worse. He could have gone head first. He was pretty lucky," Glenn Steinle said.

The victim, taken to the hospital with neck pain, is going to be fine.

MTA officials will only say the grates are inspected and should never be tampered with.

But after today's incident its no wonder you find many people walking around grates as if they are going to cave in.

MTA officials say the grates do become loose from wear-and-tear and those grates are welded during inspections.

STORY BY: Emily Smith


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