Sesame Street improving website

August 11, 2008 3:24:52 PM PDT
For almost 40 years, Seasame Street has been entertaining and teaching preschoolers. and now it's moving to the next era. Sesame Street is unveiling a new website that includes a live-action muppet video with a new educational theme every day.

When Sesame Street first went on the air 39-years ago, there were no websites.

Now, tv shows are able to grow their audiences via the web and sesame street hopes to do just that with a newly upgraded site.

The site is two years and $14 million in the making. The goal is to attract children in the droves like Nickelodeon and Walt Disney sites do.

Playing is the fun part, but learning is the goal.

Teamwork between parent and child is vital and yes, there such a thing as too much web play according to Dr. Vincent Alfonso an expert in early childhood education.

Sesame's new site also has parental controls and instead of animation, muppets interact with the kids. There are 3000 videos and 400 games.

To check out the new and improved site, go to

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg

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