Man posing as mailman robs home

August 15, 2008 9:59:07 AM PDT
Police are investigating a frightening home invasion during which the suspects pushed their way into a house and one was disguised as a postal worker, according to police. Police add the victims include a mother and her young daughters 6 and 10 years old.

Police say they thought they were opening the door to a postal worker, when in fact is was two armed robbers

Poplar lane is a quiet street where neigbors say everyone knows everyone.

So to see police officers going in and out of a home on their street Thursday night isn't sitting well with anyone.

"I was shocked. We haven't had a lot of crime in this neighborhood," said Nick Piumelli.

Police say, the suspects included a man dressed as a postal worker was carrying a package and knocked on the front door Thursday night around 5 p.m. Next thing the woman knew she was in handcuffs and shoved into her bathroom along with her two daughters.

Meanwhile a second man, police say, ransacked the house looking or valuables.

Authorities say the first suspect is 25-years-old, 5'10" roughly 230 pounds and was wearing a light blue shirt that resembled a postal uniform.

The other man police say is described as 22 yearrs old 5'7". He also has short dread locks and a gold capped tooth.

He was last seen wearing a black tanktop with baggy jeans .

Anyone with information on these men are asked to call Nassau County Police.

Cops say they ran off with a laptop computer. The concern now is where are they and if anyone else is in danger.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News Long Island reporter Emily Smith

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