Back to school shopping at thrift stores

August 22, 2008 5:41:38 PM PDT
With the struggling economy, now there's a way to save on back to school shopping.Back to school shopping, its the second biggest season according to retailers next to Christmas and Hanukkah but as gas prices food prices and everything else increase people of all incomes say their budgets are getting smaller.

"It's hard it's really hard. You have to hope you have enough for everything you need," said Chris McCormick.

Nassau Community College marketing professor Jack Mandel says consumer spending is expected to be down significantly this year for school shopping.

Professor Mandel says about 30 percent of American families are expected to cut back in some way, or start thrift shopping.

"With clothing though children are very picky my son is 16..I could never get him to go to a thrift store," he says.

But you might be surprised at what's inside. At the Salvation Army in Hempstead we found racks of clothes some still with tags, namebrands and all. While the Salvation Army doesn't have any numbers yet in terms of sales, they say nationwide, numbers are up-and its prices are now attracting more middle income families too.

"A lot of parents a lot of teenagers have been coming for jeans. We have gap jeans," said Tamara Albertini, with the Salvation Army.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Emily Smith

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