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Interview segments seen on Eyewitness News on Saturday morning, August 22, 2008.Flamingo Court
This summer, South Florida comes to New York in Flamingo Court, a comedy in three condos by Luigi Creatore. Starring Emmy Award nominee Jamie Farr (television's "M*A*S*H," Guys & Dolls) and Tony Award nominee Anita Gillette (Chapter Two, They're Playing Our Song), and directed by Steven Yuhasz, Flamingo Court begins performances at New World Stages (340 West 50th Street) on Thursday, July 17th. Opening night is Thursday, July 31st at 7:00PM.

Farr and Gillette take on multiple roles in a three-act comedy featuring the loopy and endearing residents of Flamingo Court, a South Florida apartment complex. Each floor is another story with a lesson to learn. Sex after sixty's no sin. Where there's a will, there's a way (for your kids to fight over the inheritance). And love, at any age, can be a new and beautiful thing.

Presented by Theatre 21 and Carolyn Rossi Copeland, Flamingo Court also features Lucy Martin, Herbert Rubens and J. Cameron Barnett. The scenic design is by Jim Youmans; costume design by Carol Sherry; lighting design by Herrick Goldman; and sound design by David Arnold.

"I'm thrilled to be back in New York with such a hilarious play," says Farr. "When I first read it, I laughed out loud. For me, this is one of those old-fashioned 'let's-forget-your-troubles-and-have-some-fun' comedy."

"I'm so happy to be a part of this warm and funny play," says Gillette. "Luigi has written three one-act comedies with characters that we can all identify with. They've been kicking around for a while, but they are still living life and learning how to love one another. This is a show with a lot of laughs and a lot of heart."

Flamingo Court begins performances at New World Stages, stage #2 (340 West 50th Street) on Thursday, July 17th. Opening night is Thursday, July 31st at 7:00PM. Performances on Monday and Wednesday through Saturday at 8:00PM with matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 2:00PM and Sunday at 3:00PM. Tickets go on sale May 12th and are $57 - $72. Call at 212-239-6200. Visit

Jamie Farr is best known as the Corporal Max Klinger on "M*A*S*H" (CBS, 1973-83). His film credits include Santini in The Blackboard Jungle, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and Cannonball Run. On Broadway, Farr has starred in Guys and Dolls and toured the country in The Will Rogers Follies and The Odd Couple. Jamie has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jamie is known to be a passionate golfer and has for over twenty years sponsored the internationally acclaimed LPGA Jamie Farr Ownes Corning Classic Presented by Kroger which is seen yearly on ESPN2.

Anita Gillette is known to TV audiences as Tina Fey's mother on "30 Rock" and Marg Helgenberger's mother on "CSI." Her other TV credits include playing Jack Klugman's wife, on "Quincy" and Bob Newhart's wife on "Marathon" and making regular appearances on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" and every major game show of the 70's including "Pyramid," "Password," "Match Game," "To Tell The Truth," "What's My Line?," etc. Gillette is a Broadway veteran with fourteen Broadway shows to her credit, including a Tony nominated turn in Chapter Two, Gypsy (with Ethel Merman), Carnival, All American, They're Playing Our Song and Brighton Beach Memoirs. In feature films, she has played mother to Bill Murray in Larger Than Life; Jennifer Anniston in She's The One; Jack Black in Bob Roberts; the groom in The Guru; Mary Louise Parker in Boys on the Side; and the other woman for Vincent Gardenia in Moonstruck.

Back to School Anxiety
How to help your kids ease back-to-school anxieties

  • Recognize the signs. First of all, parents must be able to identify the signs of anxiety. Kids may not even realize that they're feeling anxious, so the responsibility often falls on the parent to detect the signs or symptoms. Parents could be on the lookout for physical or behavioral symptoms, symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, difficulty sleeping, or they might notice that their kids are getting into more fights with their siblings or peers.
  • Encourage children to express themselves. At Academics Plus, we believe communication is always key. So, once a parent has identified that their child is experiencing anxiety, the next step is to help him or her explore these feelings or fears. It is also important to know that there can be academic and non-academic causes for back-to-school anxiety. Some possible culprits are:

    a. Test anxiety or concerns about being able to keep up with the schoolwork
    b. Fitting in
    c. Bullying
    d. Expectations: high expectations they place on themselves or by their parents, teachers, counselors at school
    e. Change: attending a new school, having new teachers

  • 3. Normalize feelings: A suggestion we would make is for parents to let their children know that anxiety is a common experience. When students begin to understand that many people feel the same feelings they do and that they are not alone, they may feel more at ease.
  • 4. Validate feelings. Let your child know that whatever they are feeling is ok. It can be uncomfortable for parents to know that their child is feeling anxious and, understandably, they may want to "talk their children out of their feelings." But rather than explaining away their feelings, we recommend listening, actively, to their children, take in what they are saying and ask questions.
  • 5. Let kids know they can count on you. We encourage parents to let their children know that, whatever happens, they can count on them for support. Knowing that they have a support system can do wonders to ease a child's mind. It allows them to work through their problems effectively and promotes resiliency and confidence.
  • 6. Identify the positive aspects of school. After exploring their child's feelings and validating whatever he or she is going through, parents may want to discuss the positive aspects of school, for example, reconnecting with friends, seeing a favorite teacher, or participating in group projects which they enjoyed in the past. Helping them articulate the good can shine a more positive light on the prospect of returning to school.

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    Back to school gadgets
    Students from elementary school to college are using hi-tech school supplies to research and communicate in ways their parents can only imagine.

    Known to millions of Americans for his insightful and entertaining new product reviews, Mr. Gadget makes "tech talk" fun and easy to understand.

    He suggests the following products for this school year:

  • TI Nspire ultimate calculator for high school/college students: $150
  • Logitech V450 Nano ergonomic wireless mouse: $50
  • Netflix Player by Roku offer students inexpensive entertainment options with instant movie downloads that can go anywhere: one-time $99 (plus monthly Netflix subscription)
  • W350 Walkman Phone by Sony Ericsson is Steve's pick for student cell phone (exclusive preview - to be released this week): $199 but consumers will be able to purchase for less than $50 with a two-year contract
  • Mi1111 home audio system by Memorex is perfect for a dorm room with alarm, iPod player/charger and CD player: $100

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