How to train like a celebrity

August 24, 2008 7:51:35 AM PDT
Tips for getting in shape like a celebrity. Q1-What's the biggest difference between celebrities and us when it comes to losing weight?

A1-Celebrities face the same problems we do. They have hectic schedules and kids, but they also have some secrets that give them the upper hand.

Q2-What are some of the red carpet secrets to staying slim?

A2-Heidi Klum takes pictures of herself in the nude so she can judge workout results, Beyonce eats bananas and the cast of "The Desperate Housewives" uses hoodia to suppress their appetites.

Q3-How can we get a good workout on the playground or just playing with our kids?

A3-While walking around the park you can do stroller lunges (he will demonstrate this one) or you can set up an obstacle course in your house and go through it with your kids.

Q4-What nutritional tricks do celebrities use to slim down fast? Are they safe?

A4-We can't cut calories on our own and definitely need some tools to help us out. Chew on gum or ice and take an appetite suppressant and multivitamin to control those inner urgings for a splurge.

Q5-How can you be a star at a party without gaining a bulge?

A5-Don't party hungry, booze selectively and move around a lot to burn calories.

Q6-Are there any ways to stay fit at work if your office doesn't have a gym?

A6-Keep some weights or small dumbbells in your drawer. Also, instead of emailing put on some ankle weights and relay the message in person.

Q7-if you have a hectic travel schedule, what can you do to keep up with your routine?

A7-If you take a training CD with you a trainer can coach you through all the moves and you don't even need a gym!


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