Back-to-school gadgets

August 24, 2008 8:05:04 AM PDT
Students from elementary school to college are using hi-tech school supplies to research and communicate in ways their parents can only imagine. Known to millions of Americans for his insightful and entertaining new product reviews, Mr. Gadget makes "tech talk" fun and easy to understand.

He suggests the following products for this school year:

TI Nspire ultimate calculator for high school/college students: $150

Logitech V450 Nano ergonomic wireless mouse: $50

Netflix Player by Roku offer students inexpensive entertainment options with instant movie downloads that can go anywhere: one-time $99 (plus monthly Netflix subscription)

W350 Walkman Phone by Sony Ericsson is Steve's pick for student cell phone (exclusive preview - to be released this week): $199 but consumers will be able to purchase for less than $50 with a two-year contract

Mi1111 home audio system by Memorex is perfect for a dorm room with alarm, iPod player/charger and CD player: $100


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