Woman sexually assaulted behind dumpster

August 27, 2008 8:04:09 AM PDT
Police are investigating a brutal and brazen attack on Long Island. Authorities say a woman grabbed and sexually assaulted in front of a government building. There is a history of complaints about the area. Women claim it is simply not safe, and say that, so far, nothing has been done to protect them.

Police say the woman was on her way to Social Services when she was dragged behind a dumpster and sexually assaulted. Workers who park in the lot every day say they need better security because the area is a notorious dumping ground for sexual predators.

"I feel horrible," county employee Patty Asta said. "I think it's tragic. I drove in this morning and the cops were all around the building. I thought there was a dead body back there."

Employees of the Suffolk County Department of Social Services were shocked to see police and a crime scene investigation going on in their parking lot.

The incident happened around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

As police cordoned off a section of the lot, workers insisted the location of the building is problematic. According to Parents for Megan's Law, the area has the highest number of sex offenders in all of Long Island.

Female employees say they've complained to the county about people loitering in the wooded area around where the attack occurred.

"We got a lot of pedophiles back there, and crackheads, and they try to get into the building in the winter," Asta said.

Many at Social Services are frightened and say this incident underscores the need for better security.

"I hope they're going to do more for us now," another employee said. "Maybe the police should monitor or they should come through here."

Employees say they are now planning on signing a petition to get Suffolk County to take immediate action.


STORY BY: Long Island reporter Lauren DeFranco


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