The fight over a mini-van

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September 1, 2008 3:26:48 PM PDT
A family in New Jersey bought a new mini-van, even paid for it in full. So when the dealership threatened to take it back, they got Seven on their side.

The Stiso family loves their mini-van.

But for a while, it looked like the dealership where they bought it, Freehold Chrysler Jeep, was going to take it back. Even though Dr. Frank Stiso had paid for it in full.

"The deal was I was going to take what whatever I can get off my trade in, take it off the price and give them a check for the rest. Paid no financing. Paid outright. Take it home. Be done with it," Stiso said.

But a week after he got the mini-van home, Stiso says Freehold Chrysler called him. They wanted him to come back and finance part of the car.

"And I said why would I come back and finance a car that I already owned free and clear?" he said.

It turns out Stiso had been credited with a $2,000 rebate, but the dealership would get that back from Chrysler only if the car was financed. When Stiso refused?

"Well, he flips out at this point. 'Then you have to being the car back. That's not really your car,'" Stiso explained.

But then Stiso got Seven on his side.

"That day they came down to my office. They presented me with all the missing paperwork," he said.

Stiso had the bill of sale and the car was his. No more strings attached.

"Without you guys, we were waiting to have the car towed back to Freehold. Thank you," he said.

Freehold Chrysler admitted to us they treated Frank 'very poorly.'

They apologized to him, saying they were going to investigate this case internally and take the appropriate steps to discipline the employees involved.

What frank did do right? He kept very good notes and reported the problem to New Jersey's Department of Motor Vehicles, which regulates dealerships.

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