Moms getting online degrees

September 2, 2008 12:39:23 PM PDT
As children go back to a new school year, more and more of their mothers are also going back to school-- without ever leaving their homes. Some of them also have jobs outside the home. Jennifer Rowland has earned her masters degree in business administration, without setting foot into a classroom.

"I could be anywhere in the country, I could be anywhere in the world and I could still participate in class," online student, Jennifer Rowland said.

She worked mostly at home, while raising her two kids, with one on the way this month. Jennifer is also a senior manager at the accounting firm Ernest and Young, which paid her tuition.

"I compared notes with some of my colleagues who were going to get their masters in bricks and mortar, either going every Saturday for the full day or going several nights a week and I feel that I got the same experience that they did," Roland said.

Accredited, online degree programs have grown in number and popularity over the past few years because, for some individuals and families the system works."

Helen McDermott is with the website, "", which encourages online courses for women. She has a 4-year-old daughter, and is also working toward an online masters degree.

"Many women have put their careers and their lives on hold for their families and their children, and going back to school is a great way to do something for yourself, but it also benefits the entire family," McDermott said.

Experts say online courses should include student involvement.

"One of the features of online learning is that a good course will attempt to have the teacher develop lots of interaction between teacher and student, student and student and student and content," Prof. Anthony Picciano, C.U.N.Y. says.

Jennifer's degree program even included graduation, where she met some of her fellow "online" students.

"The bottom line is she's been able to get it all with the kids and also to...get her degree," says John Rowland/Jennifer's husband.

And Jennifer expects it to pay-off with career advancement.

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