Mugger robs, stabs woman

September 4, 2008 3:28:11 PM PDT
Police are trying to find the mugger who stabbed a woman on the East Side."He looked straight into my face, moved close to me and stabbed me in my tummy," Barbara Mirbt said.

It's a moment that she will never forget. Bruises and bandages are evidence of the fierce attack that she endured on East 83rd Street.

The attack happened just after midnight on Wednesday morning.

"I turned around with a smile, and there he was," she said.

A hulky man that she had never seen before, Mirbt was alone walking home. When the suspect ordered her to give up her bags, she refused saying it was filled with important papers for an upcoming trip to Germany.

"When he cut me the first time, he stabbed me in the hand," she explained. "Then I started to scream and he walked away."

He quickly came back after realizing no one was around to help her.

"He came back and showed me the knife. He said, 'If you don't give up your bag, I'm going to stab you more."

That's when he plunged the knife into Mirbt's stomach.

Even though she had been stabbed, was bleeding and in shock, she said she did not give up. She said she got up and chased the suspect to 3rd Avenue. "He crossed the street and then he took a taxi. He jumped into a taxi and off he went," Mirbt said.

The suspect got away with 15-hundred dollars in cash and those papers. Mirbt had planned to give the money to a friend.

Despite the attack and robbery, Mirbt considers herself lucky. Doctors originally thought the knife had pierced her liver.

STORY BY: Kemberly Richardson


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