Exotic convention angers NJ town

September 8, 2008 3:36:28 PM PDT
Porn movies, books and erotic toys. Throw in a couple of dance numbers and adult film stars signing autographs, and it's a three day fun fest, if that's your thing.

However, the Meadowlands Expo Center where EXXXOTICANY is scheduled this weekend is located in New Jersey and the city of Secaucus is saying NOT in our town.

The mayor is furious. He says they just found out about the expo, which advertises entertainment like strip for pain, a violent dehumanization of three men whipped, beaten and electrocuted.

The town lawyers will argue two points to keep the porn out

First, the liquor laws for both the state and the Town of Secaucus prohibits those with a liquor license from distributing any material to be ''obscene, indecent, filthy, lewd, lascivious or disgusting''

The second argument is the town's go-go dancing law. It prohibits go-go dancing on any establishment with a liquor license within 1500 feet from any private or public school.

Harmony daycare is right behind the venue, which may soon be filled with erotic materials.

The public relations firm for the expo center insists that the exotic trade show will comply with all local laws.

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