Experimenting with double-deckers

September 8, 2008 3:49:12 PM PDT
A double deck experiment is about to get underway in New York City. Thirteen-feet tall, MTA blue and sleekly modern -- It is New York City's version of London's iconic red double-decker buses.

The transit authority on Monday announced a month-long test of the double-decker along several different city bus routes to figure out if it's suitable for service here.

The double-decker bus costs 350-thousand dollars less than an articulated bus. It is also 15 feet shorter.

Veteran driver Daryle Williams called the new bus less bumpy and more comfortable.

Open-air, double-decker sightseeing buses loaded with tourists are, of course, common around here, but beginning Thursday some commuters will get a look at the view high above the rest of the traffic.

The routes include:

1) X17J from Staten Island
2) BXM3 from Yonkers
3) M15 Limited along First and Second Avenues
4) M5 Manhattan's Westside
5) Fifth Avenue routes

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