Good time for car buying?

September 9, 2008 3:14:00 PM PDT
Marvin Suskin has been selling Fords for 33 years, but lately it's been tough. A weak economy and high gas prices have meant seriously slumping sales.

Figures for the big three American automakers showed a 15-and-a-half percent drop in August. General Motors was down 20-percent. Ford was down 25-percent. Chrysler sales plummeted 34-percent.

Still, Suskin is optimistic new models will help things turn around.

Typically when supply is high and demand low, there are bargains to be had. So, is this the time to buy?

June DiCini just bought a Chevy Suburban under General Motors' employee pricing discount. The popular promotion is being extended through September. Other automakers are offering incentives like free gas and low interest rates. Those discounts can add up to thousands of dollars.

If it's a used car you're thinking of buying, experts say there are deals there too.