Cow costume leads to student suspension

September 19, 2008 1:31:59 PM PDT
It has been a tradition for more than a hundred years for students to dress up for the fall pep rally in farmer gear since they're the Fighting Farmers. But for the first time in recent memory a student has been suspended for wearing a cow costume.

By all accounts, Mark Dias is a well respected student at Union High School. Top school officials and students told us the same thing. He's a good student, who never gets in trouble.

That's why students are rallying around Dias. He was suspended on Wednesday after wearing a cow costume to school for the fall pep rally.

He said the school principal told him he problem was with the udders.

"It got a little out of hand. I myself didn't do much about the costume," Dias said.

But school officials told Eyewitness News, "the suspension was not for wearing the costume." They said he offended his homeroom teacher by "lewd actions that continued throughout the day."

That resulted in a three-day suspension for Dias. Some parents in the district said they think the punishment is too harsh, especially since students can't go to their senior prom after getting two suspensions.

"Kids do fun things. In the big picture, this is not a problem," Nancy DeVito.

The superintendent said Dias will return to school next Tuesday.

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