Back-To-School Fitness

September 14, 2008 7:32:45 AM PDT
As students in our area are getting back into the swing of the school year, it's important to keep fitness a priority. We talked to fitness expert Cathy Lang.Tips:

1. Do the math: Recently it has become much easier to figure out how many calories your child is consuming now that many restaurants must provide caloric information for menu items. How can you measure the number of calories your child is burning and the number of steps they are taking? With the Nike+Sport kit your child gets a cool ipod accessory that will give them real-time audio feedback on distance, pace and calories burned. Mom and Dad can chart this information which will allow the whole family to see how many calories are really being burned.

2. It's called a 'walk-up' for a reason. By the time you wait for the elevator to come to the first floor you could be half-way up the stairs. If you really are too tired from your day or wearing heels make this a fun opportunity for your child by having them run up the stairs while you take the elevator and see who arrives at your front door first.

3. Stop refilling your child's metro-card! Limit the number of trips your child can take on the subway and they will get from point A to point B on foot. You can walk them to school and have them help you carry groceries home from the Fairway instead of arranging for your groceries to be delivered. This is a great way to increase their activity level...and yours!

4. Be a 'tourist' 1 day a week. There are tons of walking tours available. Let your child choose the ones that are interesting to them. This is a great way to get the entire family active and to discover the rich history of this phenomenal city.

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