Police chase ends with SUV into house

September 17, 2008 2:55:00 PM PDT
A Long Island man is accused of stealing a truck and leading police on a chase that ended when the vehicle crashed into a house, barreled into the living room and struck a couch where a resident had been sitting only moments before."I heard a little screech and then a tremendous smash," said Ray Rignola.

Suffolk County Police say 24-year-old Frank Dawson stole the SUV in Bayport and when officers tried to pull him over, he sped off and jumped out of the car with it still moving.

A very near miss. Police caught Dawson after a brief chase.

Police say the resident was unhurt. They say the 24-year-old truck driver was arrested on various charges, including reckless endangerment and driving while intoxicated.

Police say the pursuit began about 9:12 p.m. Tuesday in Patchogue when an officer tried to pull over the truck driver on suspicion of drunk driving. Police say the driver refused, sparking the chase. He jumped from the truck before it slammed into the house.

Police say the resident had been watching sports on the couch moments before the truck hit his house.

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