'Smarthouse' in the tri-state

September 18, 2008 2:51:15 PM PDT
Welcome to the future, or in one particular home it's the present. "We can wave our finger on the door and we are in," said Lee Mandel with Intralogic Solutions.

Mandel says it is one of the only showroom houses in the tri-state area, equipped with all of the latest gadgets which are a combination of convenience and efficiency.

"So your finger sensor adjusts temperature control. It arms the house, disarms the house. You can even call the house and tell it you are coming home early and it will have it ready for you.

The fingerprint based computer system works with body sensors ingested into a home security system. It even works throughout the house

The backdoor controlled unit costs about $500 including installation.

The front door system is about $1,000.

In the backyard the pool has a fog misting system that repels bugs.

And it's all completely controlled by the home computer system. Even the cleaning is done for you.

Mandel says one season without chlorine costs and you've nearly recouped your payment, which is about $3,000, plus no chemicals.

There's even more to the smarthouse.

Bottom line, this type of living is all becoming mainstream and no longer exclusive to the uber-rich. thanks to technology merging with today's craze over eco friendly trends.

STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Emily Smith

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