Big bonuses for NYC educators

September 18, 2008 4:09:40 PM PDT
Nearly $20 million in performance bonuses were given to teachers and principals for improving their schools. This incentive program, once controversial, seems to be working.

Teachers at M.S. 319 are among those who are earning a boost to their paychecks.

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein was joined by educators union presidents in announcing the bonuses that will soon be distributed.

The performance bonuses amount to 14.2 million dollars for teachers and other UFT members at 89 high needs schools.

Five-and-a-half million goes to principals and assistant principals at 262 schools, for a total of 19.7 million.

There will be an even distribution of the bonus money among teachers at M.S. 319, who will each get three-thousand dollars.

But at M.S. 331 in the Bronx, teachers are collectively taking somewhat less, as part of their own incentive package.

We're told teachers can expect their bonuses to arrive this fall.

You can see the entire report in the form of an excel file by clicking here.

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