Pizza owners get their money back

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September 19, 2008 8:41:09 PM PDT
The pizzeria owners never noticed that over a 12-month period, their accounts were not quite balanced. Every charge made on an American Express card in the shop had been credited to another business. Then when they found out, Amex told them, tough luck.

For the Bongiovanni's making pizza is in their blood. They've been doing it for 23 years.

Peter Bongiovanni's grandmom Irene started the business in the mid 70's. Today, Peter still uses her sauce recipe.

But now the family has a dough problem, that has nothing to do with pizza. For a full year - the owner says he hadn't received American Express charges.

They found out there was a problem in February when an American Express investigator called them and said their charges had accidentally been put in another company's account.

Peter says that cost his business more than $12,000. Peter said another merchant in another state was getting his money.

He was told he could get only misrouted charges going back 90 days - a little less than $2,000.

And Peter is not alone. A few weeks ago we talked to another merchant who had the same problem. After we called, Amex gave all the money to the first merchant.

Both merchants didn't know consumers usually have a minimum of sixty days to report account errors. Paul says he never checked his Amex statement.

So we called American Express again. And once again, they agreed to refund all of Peter's money.

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