Police arrest suspect in elderly robberies

October 3, 2008 8:34:03 PM PDT
Police have arrested a man who they said terrorized the elderly residents of a Jersey City apartment complex. "He says to me, 'Dont scream. Where's the money," Anna Bloustein explained.

The 80-year-old Bloustein was remembering the night a thief banged down her door with such force, he tore the locks off the wall.

"I must have held that door for four minutes and this guy was like an elephant banging against the door," she said.

The attacker broke Bloustein's wrist and knocked her 86-year old disabled husband to the floor.

He made off with two hundred dollars. The experience was so frightening that this great-grandmother began pushing her refrigerator in front of her door at night to protect herself.

"I worked hard all my life and I wasn't scared of anything, but this was different. This was like someone steals your life," she explained.

Bloustein won't have to move heavy appliances anymore.

Police have arrested 34-year old Alexander Demetroudis, who they say is responsible for four robberies in the same building at 3060 Kennedy Boulevard in the last two months.

Jersey City police say the suspect had a unique way of getting inside the senior citizen complex -- his own father lives there.

"He would claim to be visiting and he would gain access to the whole building because it was granted by his relative," Jersey City Police Chief Thomas Comey explained.

The latest attack happened on Wednesday, the same day police were meeting with residents here to give them tips on how to stay safe.

The Blousteins, though, plan to move by the end of the year. This ordeal was the last thing that Mordecai Bloustein needed as he struggles with heart disease.

"I'm glad I couldn't do anything about it because he would have killed me. Because I would have fought him, or tried to," he said.

The suspect was placed in the Hudson County Jail charged with burglary, robbery and assault.

Police sources tell Eyewitness News that he is a drug addict who was stealing money to support his habit.

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