September 27, 2008 9:03:23 AM PDT
The New York Musical Theater Festival is beginning it's three week run at theaters all over the city. One show that's hoping to become the next big thing is called "Idaho".

Idaho is A bawdy, original, laugh-out-loud musical comedy that pays homage to Broadway's Golden Age classics

Tater country is turned spud-side-up in Idaho when a mail order bride comes to town and falls in love with the wrong man. Born (out of wedlock) from the golden age of musical comedy comes a new love story, a twisted tale of wife stealin', spud peelin' and double dealin' at a time when men were men and Aunt Pearlie carried the shotgun.

Is Idaho a take-off of the musical Oklahoma?

Idaho is a totally original musical but does pay nod to the golden-age of Broadway and of course Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. The show makes a lot of jokes at the theatre's expense, but at the root of it, Idaho is a love letter to the great musicals, the great composers and anyone else who ever did a hitch kick, belted a high C, painted a flat, manned a dimmer board, sewed a bustle or anything else that helped to bring a big, lusty, story-driven musical to the stage.

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